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The main criterion for the end user has been and will be the price. Often, in the absence of additional information, namely on the ultimate cost of the customer tries to determine the quality of services, although this approach is not always true. Serious studio or wedding photographer, optimizing their business processes may have reduced the price of 1, 5-2 times without loss of quality services. However, in today's market wedding photography consist of abnormal conditions of competition – the winner is the one who lifts up prices to astronomical figures for the minimum package of services. This so-called brand photographers and they, oddly enough, the greatest demand.

How in the world of things for the brand must always pay a premium, that is, you are in a sense, pay their own advertising campaign. I would like to advise when choosing wedding photographer to pay more attention to the beginner wedding photographers. Among them, one can always find a talented person, albeit with little or no portfolio and a very low price for the service. Y this option certainly has some shortcomings, which lie mainly in the lack of experience, but you also have many advantages: a beginner photographer must be very good wedding portfolio. This fact plays into the hands of you, because he is motivated as much as you. Photography for him – first and foremost favorite creativity, while for most professionals, weddings – it's a continuous conveyor with identical stamped photos. For the pros the wedding – is a job for an amateur – a love for photography.

Beginner photographer just goes to market wedding photography and is forced to substantially reduce and even understate prices Home danger here lies in the amateurs easy money, but these 'experts' can be easily calculated reviewing all of their portfolio Summarizing this article are the following basic tips newlyweds: Memories of wedding – it's much more wedding pictures than the toastmaster, DJ, or a beautifully decorated wedding table. However, reasonable economy is not only possible but essential here. For money, who take brand-name wedding Photographers can easily organize their honeymoon. Very often, the photographers from the lower price range can be removed as well or even more creative. Looking for a glamorous, beautiful slogans might fly into you a pretty penny. Pay more attention to the photographers economy class, and remember: the best is the enemy of the good.