Henry Ford

765 people who would receive a basic income during the year for which such investment is offered. A couple would receive revenues of 10. 104 EUR/year development depends not only on the wealth, but of economic organization that is It gives a society. This way if the aid to poor countries do not have an economic and dynamic structure converted into a bottomless pit. A sustainable development for the rich societies is not possible if the economy is not organized so that it is possible.

It is not enough with loose measures or a framework of good intentions, with laws and treaties that are not then met. The social organization of the economy implies to all citizens, so that a portion of the wealth generated by the economy has impact on the general good, simply to make the economy work better, which is no longer possible through the creation of employment. In this sense the idea of Henry Ford in terms of improving conditions for workers to convert them to consumers, so that they dinamizaran the industry, can now move to the citizen, when the job is not for everyone because it does not come with economic growth. The separation from employment as a central element of the creation of wealth is a feature of today’s economy. The economic growth occurs for the first time in the history of humanity apart from work. The momentum of development is due to financial mechanisms, as speculation, as old as trade phenomenon, that is life. What happens is that in today’s world this financial process has become the axis on which turns the economy and other sectors depend on. It is the basis of the Georgian pyramid, and receiving end of the wealth that is created in the society.

It is part of the economic development itself. We will examine this aspect below. We know how works the economy currently and we know the problems from this knowledge, not improvising measures or inventing ideological theories that deny reality or accounts unrelated to the operation of the new economy, by wanting to adjust measures of the past to the dynamic financial future, because such adjustments are misleading and apply will be failing the measures that are necessary, but they are in the appropriate manner. Incorrect application of the RB It could be disastrous and there is a tendency in this respect. I want to make a parenthesis to discuss the idea of the work, which is the greater downside that critics have been to previous work, on the foundations of the RB and the perestroika of capitalism. Apart from what is stated in the same extend reflection after the reading of the work critique of an era of Walther Rathenau, Economist