The wise man can sit on a mound; but only the fool is sitting in it.Chinese proverb to the extent that we have been developing us, interrelating us according to the different roles that it has touched us play, we have already encountered ego,. What this represents, affects us in our behavior. Robert Kiyosaki shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We determined its scope, the impact that we have generated for our growth. Probably we will have already given us account of what it represents and what hurts. It is said that the ego has been taken as a synonym of self, of being, of the personality. The idea that the ego is bad, IE is evil counselor, says so easy to kill your ego, but how to achieve this? And if this is possible, kill the ego, it would be like literally killing oneself. Does that would be left of a being without ego? Of a being who is not prepared to kill your ego, if what sustains it is precisely his ego if this is his attachment to life, without ego would be a vegetable. Osho has given us reflections interesting about what really is the ego and reminds us, that It is a wrap of our consciousness, and to liberate us from him, we will never arrive to meet us.

To be a hoax, the ego shuns simple, because reveals it; the difficult thing is a challenge for him, and the impossible challenge of truth. Thus, the greater the challenge we accept, will more be the ego that we are building in ourselves: is our ambition that will be the measure of our ego, which also is the extent of our failure. Says Osho, a man, after having been promoted to a high position in the Government, visited the city where there was born. I guess that you may have learned of the honour that has been given to me?, asked a former classmate.Yes, rang the gratifying response.