Gas Water Heater

Gas water heater is more expensive than electric, but the cost of gas, hot water is lower than electricity. So if you have a large consumption of water and supplied with gas, it might be worth just buy a gas water heater instead of electric. Electric storage water heaters because of its simplicity and reliability were very common in our homes and apartments. They consume small amount of electricity, and the accumulated hot water is always ready to consume. Yes, and connect it will not be difficult for a person who can work with hammer, key gas and electric screwdriver. Before connection, please read the enclosed instructions. Each heater set to "go" safety valve, which connects under the scheme. His task to prevent deformation or rupture capacity, while heating the water – in case of excess pressure inside the flask through a valve merge excess water in the form of a few drops.

It also prevents leakage of water from the boiler into the system when no water. Water heater can also be used as reserve capacity to tap water. Therefore, before connecting, an additional ball valve at the outlet. When the system is not water you will the crane that would go through it in the boiler dropped the air and through the valve that you use the water you get water from the boiler, but do not forget to disconnect it from the network. The rules for the use of written periodic replacement of the magnesium anode – is anti-corrosive core which prevents corrosion of the inner flask. His term of service is mainly for 2-3 years. Recommendations for change should carefully read the instructions for water heater. If you use a boiler in the country and in winter not in use and the risk of water freezing in it, then water must be drained from it.

And to make it through the tube must first enter and exit the water and then carefully unscrew cup, which is an electric wire in the opposite direction which is mounted heater, and drain excess water. At the same time clean the heater on the scale, if any. Fulfilling all the above rules, you will permanently extend the life of electric water heater. Astrakhan – Renovation of apartments.