Forex Robot

and also some disadvantages. Let's start with the cons … the Forex robots are "monolithic", have no decision-making capacity beyond those scheduled in its interior. Our intelligence is thousands of times greater than that which one can program in a piece of software, making decisions in many varied scenarios taking into account thousands of parameters that a Forex robot can never do. However, this problem as we shall see, is a relevant factor that can play in our favor.

For its part, the advantages have to do with our inability as basically human. One is the excitement, another patient, another discipline, etc. We are emotional beings and thus subject to emotional changes at any time. A Forex Robot is capable of withstanding the pressure of a loss or twenty consecutive … the end of the day has no feelings … however, we humans in many circumstances we could not.

And here is where the problem reported earlier in the disadvantages, it becomes an advantage for us. The Forex Robot will not mind the losses without affecting its operation, his ego, his quality of life or their feelings. Besides this, the Forex robot is not sleepy, not tired, does not need food or other human needs. These latter characteristics are critical. Sometimes the opportunity presents itself at odd hours for us humans … but that is not no inconveninete for Forex Robot. In short, a robot is "monolithic" and analyzed and I realized the problem … was sobreapalancadas sobreoperado and operations.