Express Courier

The fact that the logistics now means a lot to the company knows it all. Definitions for this word is enough. In the broadest sense is meant by the word "logistics" – the theory and practice of managing material and information streams in the process of commodity circulation. But in the courier service or in the transport organization – is the process of optimal allocation of transportation resources to provide the most rapid and high quality service and minimize costs of delivery. As we know in every case has its own nuances. So it is with the couriers. Usually in the courier service a lot of money to perform services for the delivery of correspondence.

The basis for selecting the optimal type of money for a particular cargo is cargo information and required urgent delivery. It is clear to all that the courier for Russian cargo can be delivered weekly to train and few hours by plane. Typically, courier service after receiving an order begins the allocation of resources based on the urgency of delivery. Conducted logistic calculations. For example, if a delivery within a city, then receiving letters and parcels from the customer, most often used couriers close by the customer. The market in this field dictates the harsh conditions of work and have to hurry, or order for courier delivery may go to the competitors, but it is fraught with not only the loss of money, but also a client. All information on correspondence received is going to have managers who expect to travel time to points of delivery courier and guide them to avoid unnecessary time loss as the most important criterion for the courier this time courier. Well, if delivery to other cities in Russia, then still have to choose the optimal transport the criterion of price / performance.

Choices is not so much: road, rail, sea and air. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that road transport in the express delivery used for short distances, he can only make deliveries directly to the building of the customer. But we should remember that cars have high transportation costs. Rail and sea transport economical, relatively quick, and regularly delivers goods, but the rails application and use only the waterway makes mobility transport. Accordingly, there must, in addition to use couriers, or cars. Air transportation with the best performance for speed of delivery and the possibility of rapid delivery to remote areas have relatively high tariffs on services. Thus, the courier service for the most efficient and quality of service should only use all the tools together. Of particular importance is the execution time of delivery, and please do not control the passage of goods at each stage Express delivery. That has its value logistics.