European Animals

Not to be confused with the right of animals such as jurisprudence, legal in some countries where the object of law is the freedom of behavior of animals in their natural environment and their treatment in Pets human habitat org. he says that long time ago that different organizations dedicated to the protection of the animals with unnecessary cruelty reported that China's legendary dogs skinned alive for their fur them. These people were terribly tortured and killed. Sometimes they put into sacks and beaten to death, others, bleed or are boiled alive. Bill Phelan is actively involved in the matter. They even have farms where the produce to be sold in Chinese markets. It is estimated that each year approximately 2 million cats and dogs are brutally killed in China for their fur, which is treated after being sold to markets like the U.S. and Europe. The skins of German Shepherd dogs, posing as the fox, wolf Chinese mountain cat, and many more but no more than Chinese classic trap.

Anyway, it's a chain of cynicism. Europe criticizes this bestiality china, but does not seem to do anything to imprison its European counterpart. It is necessary to critique and act on both fronts. Do not forget, which has writing, that the philosopher Jeremy Bentham posited that the animals for their ability to feel agony and suffering, indendientemente that had the capacity to differentiate between "good" and "evil" (a capability that the disabled do not have) should have the fundamental rights as the right to life and security, and freedom from torture and slavery.