Euro Dollar Currency

Euro-Dollar – Stretch and Shrink between the dollar and European counterparts! Standing on the border of 1.33! The euro broke the back referred to in the report yesterday, 1.3502, and fell a little more, then recovered to stop precisely at the specified strength in the same report 1.3566 ( the highest price after the issuance of the report is 1.3561). After that, stopped the decline and recovery to confirm the 1.3502, and successfully achieved the first aim of 1.3422, reaching 1.3405 at the time of preparing this report. With this move, the Euro finally entered a major support area, which contains five daily low, and of which we speak in detail yesterday. And with this movement, the technical outlook for the medium term have been tornado “officially” negative, and we expect the euro to sink below 1.30 in the not too distant future. As for the short term, the resistance is 1.3446 and the support is 1.3390. To break the 1.3390 support, the price confirm the stop and was held in the large area from 1.3434 to 1.3462 support, the price will start to fall pointing to 1.3326 and you may also reaches 1.3256. But if you break the resistance of 1.3446, the price will take off in search of Fibonacci resistance levels that form today’s objectives, firstly 1.3501, and 1.3611 if it breaks. Support: 1.3390:

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