Creative And Profitable Ways To Use Autoresponders

It’s a sunny afternoon, and a visitor who has been strolling through your site is trying to get a product to solve a problem. He has finally found what he’s looking for and is about to make a purchase, when your cat usually sit under the old bonsai, is collapsed by their intrepid feline. In a blink of an eye the visitor leaves your site and you just lost a sale. Unless of course you have taken the precaution of using an auto-responder and capture your e-mail. If you have installed an auto-responder, then you do get a follow-up and have the chance to make the sale when the user has finished collecting your precious bonsai. Auto-responders are versatile programs that help you automatically send e-mails.

Here we present some creative ideas to help you productively use this tool to transform the casual visitor into a potential customer. 1. Post your own newsletter. The vast majority of auto-responders offer the option to send instant messages to your entire list of potential customers, the above can send its own newsletter to keep visitors informed about your services or products, and to send valuable information to build its reputation as a credible expert a particular market niche. 2. Publish a newsletter for its members. Tell them about new releases, current sales on any specific product, display the promotional material with which its members can increase their commissions. Include tips and techniques that will be of great help to its members to successfully promote your business.