Belm Symbol

Being the jewel a symbol of being able and social status, without forgetting that the symbolism is moved by the cultural factors that influence the purchase behavior, that they are the responsible ones for the meaning of the object, and is there that the creation of the jewel enters. The product has as objective main to be recognized as innovative, come back toward the social responsibility in the transformation of a harmful product for the environment in jewel of emotional value. It will enter in the market, first as faith symbol and having a necessity at this time and all the other months, the importance to all have a symbology of our culture in the people who believes. First the product it will arrive as it has drunk a toast to the customers, since in Belm, the commerce has for culture, to presentear at the time of the wax candle, the customers with shirts, caps, flammules, at last toasts with the images of Ns Sr de Nazar, toasts these that appear of a on emotiva necessity to the symbol of the Christian faith. In the current crisis that if it initiated for the financial area, and whose consequences if had spread over all the sectors of the real economy, he is very fearful to make any prognostic.

However, it is possible to identify some trends that will be able to favorably contribute for the segment of jewels and knicks-knack. With the growth of the uncertainties on the life in the planet, the trend of the population is to migrar for products that help in the preservation of the environment. It is there that the chance for this segment inhabits, since offers a recycled and innovative product. For being a sustainable project that if it relates to the jewel creation with thematic religious (Wax candle of Nazar), this product a bigger interest of the devoted population awakes, what it facilitates its commercialization.