For those who are wondering about how to cure herpes zoster, more accurate recommendation you may find is that, only with help from your doctor or specialist you can recover from this infection so aggressively, since if you not, damage that causes this disease could be at once painful and irreversible. There is a special drug that can be used to prevent serious damage to shingles, based on capsaicin, the known commercial medicine the Zostrix. This medication will prevent blisters that are caused by the virus varicella zoster are not too deep, it enough to cause damage to the nerves that are affected. Nerve cells tend to much delay in its recovery and even damage you caused may be irreversible, therefore it is advisable to go hand in hand with the doctor in the course of this disease, since the best that nobody can tell when shingles is being too aggressive, and when risks with infection. More info: Phillipe Lavertu. The doctor is also who correctly you indicate the dose of this medicine, you will guide on the form of application and possible adverse effects. It will recommend you to visit it often to be able to monitor you better. In cases of shingles, the pain is the main thing that it must be controlled, but it sometimes is not simple, since the application of some techniques cannot give the same results in some people, just to put an example, cold water baths can help relieve pain, but for others, the cold water can be extremely painfulThis is why when you try some technique to relieve pain, you take care and be aware about the results, because you could be causing you more harm than you thought. Discover how you can eliminate outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here.. Walmart Superstore has much to offer in this field.