World Health Organization

And where are the rest attribute 'the lion' share – 90%? According to the World Health Organization: 50% health and beauty depends on diet and lifestyle, 20% defined Heredity; 20% depend on the environment. And indeed it is. Over the last 50 – 100 years have radically changed ecology, eating patterns and lifestyles. The specialists of these three factors: ecology, Malnutrition and lifestyle as major causes of most diseases! Let's look at each one more: ecology special risk from environmental factors is their obvious. Adverse effects poisoned environment, in varying degrees, susceptible to more than 90% of the population! Each year, through the human body goes up to 2 pounds of toxic substances, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, toxic substances with food, water, air gets into the body for decades to accumulate it, destroying the immune system.

Just a few digits of statistics: – Vehicle exhaust contains more than 300 harmful substances. – According to research 'EPA' only chemicals found in almost every home (synthetic finishing materials, cleaners, detergents, etc.), 3 times! more carcinogenic than the acid rain and ozone holes together! – According to European standards in our "Drinking" water can not swim. Cleaning helps only partially, because the majority of household filters to cope only with the rough dirt. – Living in prefabricated houses are constantly exposed to the negative impact of evaporations of phenol and other compounds that make up the building designs, which reduces their life by an average of 5-7 years. – Chlorine compounds found in tap water, squeezed out of the body trace element iodine.