Woodpile Machine Disk

Firewood is urgent business for the past several centuries. However, in the 20 century this area of activity, as well as all the production, industrialization affected. Replaced the axes came machines for splitting firewood. At this time of selection tools is astounding. Among them are small for private homes, and powerful woodpile plants. Turn our attention to the mid-range machines: performance from 3 to 14 cubic meters of wood per hour. For these machines must not only chop wood, but also perform pre-trimming. There are many possible side of the device.

Among them are quite exotic: guillotine crosscut, crosscut knives and other artful options. However, the reliability of this technique is questionable: while working at loggerheads having high mechanical stresses. Recently Yellow Jackets sought to clarify these questions. Besides firewood obtained no better: wood fibers break transversely, resulting in log has a ragged edge. Best of all himself showed Wood splitters operating trimming disk or band saw. These saws are used in many industries, forest-related activities: in sawmilling (almost not impossible to find a band saw for sawing) in timber processing (for sawmill circular saw – almost a required element). However, some of these species is better to use in your business? Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of drink. Maine Today Media Inc. gathered all the information. Lack of band saw, which is impossible to get rid of – the need for regular sharpening.

Every day or two to sharpen the saw. Circular saws do not have this drawback. Disc is almost no blunts, its performance is higher. But machines with circular saws to be more metal, respectively, their price is higher. Price / performance ratio will be roughly as follows. Machines with circular saw blades show proizovoditelnost 2-2,5 times higher than that of Band saws. The difference in price will be approximately 2-3 times. Comparison of true if we analyze the machines for chopping firewood one manufacturer. When choosing the same machine is reasonable to assess the following criteria. First of all, analyze the market. Based on this calculated desired output of finished wood. It becomes clear whether it makes sense wood trim, or rather just split. If crosscut need is determined by the extent possible to carry out sharpening the saw on its own (if the choice falls on the machine with the band saw). Select a suitable grinding machine and is pryamoruky toolmaker.