With Surround Sound In The Middle Of The Life

Hearing family ReSound live provides maximum flexibility a landmark hearing family presents the ReSound hearing aid manufacturers currently on the German market. The hearing solution ReSound live especially impresses with its revolutionary surround sound. He combines best speech understanding with excellent spatial hearing and gives you a chance to be back in life people with Horminderung. Through their maximum flexibility, the new product family offers innovative solutions for a variety of individual needs. Also, live convinces ReSound with many more new features, its comfort and its highly discreet design. The step that we are taking with ReSound live, is comparable to the transition from the stereo speakers to the individual surround sound sound system\”, so Dieter Fricke, Director of product management of the GN if well attended hearing GmbH. whether at the walk in the wild, in a restaurant or in the car, our new system guarantees in all situations excellent speech understanding and at the same time a significantly improved surround sound.

Who wears it, is no longer on the edge. He recovers the feeling to be back in the life.\” The heart of the new solution is the surround sound processor. Analogous to the human ear this revolutionary technology processes treble and bass separately. Different Direktionalitaten are also used. The natural directionality II different monitor and focus-ear and synchronizes the time delays between the two over the entire frequency range.

As a result a full sound impression and an improved sound localization are achieved. The carrier has the feeling to return to center of stage. His ability to understand spoken words, the noise will be markedly improved. Also the volume for both bands is the same; and microphone – and wind noise are reduced significantly. Hearing ReSound live: harmony of directionality and spatial hearing the biggest wish of hearing instrument wearers is precisely to understand speech in noisy environments\”, explains Dieter Fricke.