The best material for this – hard rocks: granite, sandstone, limestone. By placing the stones, you should pay attention to the fact that their group had a natural. At using a flat stone – limestone layers it should be laid in one direction and angle. The role of these stones are not just decorative. They provide good drainage and maintain a constant humidity in the soil. Among stones You can plant tender bulbs and colorful flowers – tulips, daffodils, crocuses. To create a decorative design of stone walls, you can use pine shrubs – yew, juniper and creeping pine trees – pine mountain, cedar.

Organized on a gentle slope plots planted vegetable or flower garden terrace as wide (3-5 m) high levels of 0.1-0.5 m. In the case of a significant drop of relief (1.5 m) satisfied with retaining walls so that the vertical joints in adjacent rows of stones did not match. The walls can be made of stone, flagstone, boulders, bricks, pieces of concrete slabs, which can be placed and "dry" – tight prigonyaya to each other. In the joints between the rows of sleep and well tamped topsoil. But at high altitudes wall stones are placed on a solution.

In the bottom row are placed the largest of them. The remaining rows do with a bias inside – it increases the strength of the wall. On the highest point of land placed garden house and outbuildings (barn, shed, etc.). But, perhaps, should heed the advice: do not rush to construction.