VII Solution

Often even simple reformulations, which allow the client a new perception of his problematic situation and implicitly invite him, to think, to feel and act differently enough for importance-enhancing interventions. A focus on the positive, the solution and the future facilitated a change in the desired direction. Therefore, you should focus on solution-oriented talk and not on problem-oriented 13. Because solution-oriented talk and questions encourages solution-oriented thinking and thus, solution-oriented action. ERGO may not to forget that there are words that create the reality.

Words are the building blocks from which realities are created in the advice? Words were originally magic, and the word has retained much of its old magic today. Words can make the other blessed or drive to despair a man words evoke emotions and are the General means to influence the people with each other 14. Credit: Microsoft Corporation-2011. In the context of solution-focused counseling can a part of reality are deconstructed through a play with words, to construct a new reality. So does the statement that a client depressed is a completely different reality, as if his focus is directed, that he shows depressive feelings or behaviors. Because behaviors can be changed much more easily than States. VII.

2. rhetorical resources consultancy VII. 2.1. Towards the solution is a process of convergence in small increments in General scaling issues. One move ahead, a success story from various detachable single tasks which the initial complex problem. For this step-by-step solution process it is essential, minimum To recognize, especially since each change begins with a gradual difference nuances of change. This could be, for example, a scaling question: I would like to look more closely at your situation and understand better. To do this, I would like to use a scale of 1 to 10. “If the 1 for the situation, in which it has been most difficult for you and 10 for the moment is where you have the feeling it’s all back right where you would fit in this moment?” In a such awareness for small differences in the intensity of the experience of problems of visualization of change processes and also the motivation of the client for a process of rapprochement in the solution, scaling questions support the consulting process by highlighting concrete progress and highlight resources.