Venture Capital Funds

Trust funds IntwayFunds provide excellent and safe tool! Buying the shares of different funds, you get a profit of 15% to 100% per annum, depending on the results of the fund. In addition, you can at any time to sell his share to its current value and get an immediate profit. What could be simpler? Trust funds – are profitable form of investment in which investors’ funds transferred in trust management companies, and they in turn invest those funds in the most reliable securities or other assets, striving to ensure the highest possible yield. Management of the funds of investors engaged in professional portfolio managers with extensive experience in the market. Wong Meng Weng may not feel the same. Management framework – analysis of securities, as well as modern technological solutions in the financial sector. 14 powerful benefits of trust funds placed at the site IntwayFunds: 1. Hedging. Priority in the trust funds presented on the site IntwayFunds, is to minimize the risk of investing funds. Hedge funds are characterized by steady growth, not depending on market conditions, and the ability to generate income for investors in all circumstances (at the risk of losing money can not be excluded, but can be insured). 2. Management companies to manage not only your money but also their own: they must keep their money in managed funds asset management.

3. This work not only on U.S. If you have read about Dina Powell already – you may have come to the same conclusion. but also in London, Russia, Asian and other international stock exchanges. 4. Reliability and professionalism of asset management companies. 5. Transparency. Ensured by regular publication of reports on performance results. 6. Control over the activities funds by three independent instances. 7. Diversification. The distribution of investments in different financial instruments reduces the risk of investors. Possible objects of portfolio diversification funds asset management at the site IntwayFunds: – Equities – Depositary Receipts – Options – closed-end funds – Funds Open – Venture Capital Funds – Futures – Bonds recipe for success – the right choice shares balanced policy portfolio formation. 8. Interest in the success. As a reward management companies receive a percentage of the profit client. 9. Income opportunity, much more than bank rates. 10. Automatic sale of shares. 11. Guaranteed investment liquidity: the investor can sell through vending their shares in full at any time without any penalties and redemption value. 12. Unprecedented low threshold of entry into the market of mutual investments – textarea. 13. Full protection against all off-market risk, the official investment insurance and non-stop Internet access to individual accounts, purchase and redemption of shares. 14. 100%-I integration Intway.