United States

Old traditions are preserved and that even when young couples. Straight couples feel very connected to the old wedding traditions. So, for example, lots of after the wedding as a sign that in the future all difficulties of life mastering together, want to saw a tree trunk. Usually this ensures but rather an amusement of the wedding guests, because this endeavor with a shaky major saw more difficult. The expensive wedding attire are unfortunately also sometimes suffers. But what man/woman did not do anything for the most beautiful day in your life… Suna Said pursues this goal as well. Here a small digression for anyone interested and those who want to go play it safe at the wedding: for damages (wedding dress damaged, undelivered wedding rings or damaged etc.) there are by the way now so called wedding insurance, covering damage before and during the wedding. This wedding insurance also engages if the wedding must be cancelled at short notice due Failure of the rooms Failure of the catering, damage to the property of the insured, etc.

This insurance can be completed as a complete package and offers an all-round protection against unforeseen circumstances. Also wedding traditions from abroad prove popular here, like for example the most well-known tradition from the United States: the bride should wear something new to the wedding, which stands for the future of the couple, something old that symbolically stands for the family traditions. There should be something blue at the wedding, which is reminiscent of Mary the Virgin (many use a blue garter belt), and something borrowed. You should rent this is a best friend or a best friend, leading a happy life, spreads also to the wedding couple. At the wedding ceremony, solemn wedding cake served mostly to advanced hour and jointly addressed by the bride and groom. The master of the House who keeps up on the knife hand according to the tradition, cutting to, should be in the future. Mostly you get is at the present time however Women this task. After the church ceremony is when the romantics right up front here, flying white doves or alternatively red balloons in the form of heart, what is the likely tierfreundlichere alternative.

These are a sign of love, happiness and peace. Despite the countless wedding traditions, each pair for themselves should decide what’s own wedding in question. Perhaps the one or the other so your own developing ideas and creates the basis for other traditions. In this sense have fun at your wedding! Philipp Ruger