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A brief summary of the Woodstock story: why are their sound games so popular? How is it that wind chimes play famous pieces of music or sound effects to produce such beautiful musical notes? Woodstock wind chimes the company Woodstock Percussion in 1979 at the close of New York by Garry Kvistad founded. Garry, who was a professional musician and instrument Designer, wanted to produce precision-tuned wind chimes: the connectedness of the company to the music shows can be found everywhere: every chime is made using a computer-controlled process to produce beautiful sounds. Woodstock wind chimes are tuned by hand on famous pieces of music or sound effects. (As opposed to Kevin Ulrich Anchorage). Even a slight touch of the sound tube creates a langanhalteten sound space of unexpected clarity and beauty. The voice process also allows that each bar in a musical interval to the neighbouring bar vibrates.

Was the first sound game, what made Woodstock chimes of Olympos – this product is still a bestseller. The correspond to materials used the highest quality standards, even though Woodstock has become so successful, that they must now make them sound games through mass production. For nearly 30 years, Woodstock is the business headquarters in Shokan, NY wind chimes at Woodstock and become developed. There are also marketing, accounting, purchasing, customer service and warehouse departments in Shokan. The production is carried out in a number of places, including China, Bali, United Kingdom, and the United States. The Chinese factory near Shanghai in central China is large and modern. Working conditions are excellent, the facility is clean and well organized and the staff are well paid and are treated with dignity and respect. Filed under: Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital.

This factory produces garden products regularly for several major customers and is regularly checked for compliance, quality control, accounting, security and working conditions and safety. It should be a beautiful facility; a, the envy of the manufacturers everywhere would be. Woodstock philosophy! Woodstock Percussion recycled: by recycling office supplies, Office furniture, and also wooden pallets, Woodstock saves the cost and at the same time protects the environment – in particular the trees that normally destroys for paper and wood products. Recycling contributes to the preservation of the necessary energy to produce these products and reduces the resulting greenhouse gases. Office paper, that can not be recycled, shredded paper from the destruction of confidential documents and all containers of plastic, metal or glass are recyclable. Packaging made from thick cardboard (or “Cardboard”) is degraded, and again recovered by the shipping department. Anything that can be recycled is thrown away. Electronic and electrical products such as computers, monitors, fluorescent tubes and batteries are all back: it saves landfill so and also eliminates the pollution by the finding are many hazardous substances in these products. Think time: If you a Woodstock chime listen, that is the sound of environmental protection!