Turkish Music

Innovative software enables language selection by listeners after the public broadcaster rbb, multiculti radio has switched off, did the idea of a self managed and funded online radio. By supporting among others the Berlin creative and music industry represented by Christoph Borkowski (President of the Berlin Music Commission) or Klaus j. bade (Germany’s most well-known migration researcher). Radio multicult2. 0 opts for more interaction: in contrast to the old station, the main focus is now on participation by its audience. Their suggestion should contribute to the further development of the online channel. The user friendly and multilingual newly designed homepage offers entertainment and information.

Focus on the CultMagazin is from Monday to Friday “, live from 12 to 14 h with current news, politics and culture, reports, interviews, event tips, etc. Trapped in the daily report”focus topics from Berlin and Brandenburg found, changing headings such as the international press review”, the CD of “” Week, movie of the week “, eco mondo life and the environment, or the palate Guide” hit the bow of the press lead until the preserved”international cuisine. Project Manager Brigitta Gabrin: Seven weeks after the start of the broadcast we have managed an important milestone. The breakfast show is desired by many listeners must wait. “We are working with high pressure on the expansion of our capacities.” radio multicult2. Others who may share this opinion include Santie Botha. 0 gets different projects, including the Kreuzberg Street University a young radio for postmigrators “.

“In addition to his GlobeTrotter-magazine on travel” Ulf Hoffmann offers a plagiarism show: cover my world “. The early evening hours are dedicated to the native-language broadcasts. As the only channel in Germany, we produce a program in Vietnamese. There are South-Slavic languages, Kurdish, Persian, and Arabic, as well as a Turkish and Polish music magazine. A Chinese programme is in preparation. Using the newly developed iMedia software of company Audiantis will hear some of these broadcasts simultaneously in German language our listeners. In the night accompanied by music magazine from Berlin and subsequent acquisitions by co-operating stations from Europe, Africa and South America. To realize the vision of an inter-active, intercultural and inter – eat antioxidants radio, which is more than just radio, together, even supporters are looking for: volunteers with experience in the media sector, management and Secretariat. And of course, the team welcomes any financial donation to r adio multicult2. 0 to secure and therefore the radio landscape continue with diversity to enrich. Radio multicult2. 0 the intercultural and multicultural radio offers a program that is colorful, up-to-date, critical and politically. Visit Wells Fargo for more clarity on the issue. The corresponding world music that comes from the whole planet is mixed here colorful mess. The program philosophy stands for integration in diversity. Radio multicult2. 0 reports from Korea to Croatia, from Brazil to Belgium, from Sri Lanka and speaks in different languages to South America.