Think Oscar

The one of them. We celebrate Jamal’s life. With us, sings and dances to anywhere. This is Indian, so are we!” “It turns out that there is another still homage to Bollywood in slum dog” is. When she is asked why, Salim was a so negative figure, Luke Tandan confesses that is even their favorite character. FTSE 100 has similar goals. The Bollywoodfilme of the 1970s had this motif of the evil and the good brother – for this reason, Amitabh Bachchan was mentioned.

This superstar of Indian Cinema played the role of the rogues, who dies at the end and is released from his debt often.” And the song from the movie Don”? Smiling, she tells that it was not planned as an allusion, but then it was easy.” How was working with Danny Boyle and in such a mixed team? That was just great. He is so captivating; He has such a human size and is still modest. You learn awful lot of him and vice versa it is still open and asks questions!” What is your strongest memory, if you to the Think Oscar night? Adrian Tandan radiates. The way that the stars went there along with the children. Whether it was Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet or Ben Kingsley – they all went to the children and congratulated them. The children had not presented at all. It was wonderful!” This success was now intended as the film tells it at the end, the fate of someone asks after the screening. Well, yes not before knowing if a film wins awards.

It’s like during a test, it makes them and just don’t know what is… come of it and in the United States, a theatrical release was even planned, it should come with a DVD on the market. Slumdog,”has a life. He has created himself. It would be too risky now to quote Paolo Coelho and to blame everything on the universe, but almost every day something happened that luck or fate has presented unexpected solutions to us, for example, we have found only ten minutes before filming an actor for a role. I have something in Monsoon wedding”experience. As long as you have good and honest intentions, as long as you not only pretends this and the thing remains constant, you will succeed. As long as you want to, find no reason to not be successful, he will adjust himself!” Dr. Daniela Happel ( with the kind support of the Institute of film studies of the University of Mainz.