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A (small) residual risk remains whenever I go on searching for the specific vehicle, you will quickly determine that many roads lead to the new second-hand vehicle – or paths are completely dispensable. Since almost all car dealers and private providers offer the vehicles on the relevant platforms, you can now select you trust who – because in spite of all contractual arrangements and legal warranty claims a rest not confidence can be replaced: no one is 100% in a used vehicle. Not every screw connection occurs prior to the sale to check whether the seal is intact. A small residual risk that something could be been overlooked, remains always – what does not mean that it will grow a great deal of damage. Apple CEO addresses the importance of the matter here. Warranty claims – an important chapter: part 1: the purchase from the dealer is important to know that the warranty claims in the Used car purchase subject to new legal regulations since 2002. While it was previously common principle “as visited and shut test” to buy used cars and all warranty claims were excluded, the today for sales between private individuals and dealers is no longer allowed.

Her, to have the vehicle after the occurrence of a defect at the dealer to return, repair by him, and at his own expense, or to demand corresponding compensation, entitlement since then for 12 months from date of purchase. It is assumed within the first six months in principle, that the deficiency from the seller/supplier is responsible. During this time, the dealer must prove that no lack of fault him. In the remaining six months, it is your responsibility to prove that the dealer has blamed lack of. These so-called burden of proof leads that you need professional support may cause the corresponding evidence. Manch dubious car dealers tried to circumvent these legal extension of the warranty period – in this context, it is essential to read the contract, general terms and conditions and all its systems and components and to understand.