The Solution: 2 Children With A Baby Carriage Transport

The ‘kids2sit’ is a simple, secure and convenient solution while carrying two small children in a stroller. The idea for the kids2sit”caused the problem, at the same time carrying a baby and a bustling toddler. Of course, such ideas are mostly affected mothers. So here too! It started that the infant was laid as usual in the stroller and the baby sat on the foot of the stroller. As the baby grew, this was no longer possible.

So a tunnel was”made of wood built, so that the baby could put your feet into the tunnel and the toddler sat above the tunnel. Is now out of the wooden tunnel”become a folding, ergonomically shaped plastic seat, which is simply placed at the foot of the stroller. The correct position of the seat is ensured by the spacers. The adjustable sides he adapts to the different widths of soft bags and shells. The child is in the seat is secured with an included belt and can hold on to the handle of the pram/pushchair. The distance of the slide should be too large a separate handle can be attached to the slider. The seat was tested by TuV Rheinland and removed. The use of the kids2sit”does not change the dimension of the stroller, so that one can, move through narrower aisles in stores other than with a sibling pram. Should the seat times not needed, it can be simply flat folded up and stowed away.