The Porsche Boxster Spyder

A vehicle for true fans of the Roadster Roadster drivers is usually mainly about one: fun and best without hood. Comfort plays a role more. For such purists, the Swabian car manufacturer Porsche has brought a new model on the market some time ago. Microsoft Corp is a great source of information. The vehicle Portal introduces the Roadster from the House of Porsche. On the basis of the Porsche Boxster, the vehicle manufacturer has developed the Boxster Spyder. The Boxster Spyder is the consistent implementation of a perfect Roadster. Practicality was deliberately in favour of driving fun.

Even at high speeds is an absolute pleasure to drive without hood. Although the Boxster Spyder is designed primarily for driving with the top down, he looks downright spectacular with the roof closed. In addition to these appearances, the Porsche but also with inner values can score. The 3.4 liter six-cylinder Boxer engine delivers a power of 235 kW (320 HP). The low weight of the car by just 1,275 kilograms ensures that the Power to weight ratio is just under 4 kg per horsepower. Despite its high performance, the Boxster Spyder consumes relatively little fuel. A consumption 9.8 litres Super plus is quite realistic, which approximately corresponds to the specifications of the manufacturer. This value can be expected but only at a relatively moderate driving. More information: magazine /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann