The Keys To good Customer Service

On one hand, there was some company that is tired of the rules because they did not produce the desired results. For this reason determined to abolish all unnecessary rules and stay only with those really tight with the intention of achieving the objectives and meet the needs of its customers. They took stock of the rules and set about the task of pruning, remove, destroy, adjust, refine and finally, after a long and arduous work, they were happy with the result: a kind of small manual (either small indeed, which contained the only two rules valid at that moment. The manual said, more or less as follows: “From this moment there are only two rules in this company and are as follows”: Norma number one: customer is always right Rule number two: if you ever present the rare case in which the client has no reason, re-read rule number one. The above story speaks for itself the importance of customers for all companies the world and its constant concern to attract, serve you, please and leave satisfied.

Here are some simple tips to achieve total customer satisfaction and loyalty to the services we offer: 1. Consider and treat the customer as a human being. First and foremost is a person with needs, desires, anxieties and suffering and has chosen us for help. He could have sought another or others but we preferred and thus gives us the greatest of privileges. But resist the temptation to consider a simple number or a number.