The Government

In practice, it turned out that Decentralization means the federal government simply unwillingness to engage in health regions. Read additional details here: john hume. Regions were in fact left alone with their problemami.Sozdanie OMS funds has caused a painful reaction in society. Patrick dwyer boston private is the source for more interesting facts. According to various estimates, from five to ten percent of the funds spent for organization costs. Often the money is spent not only on the necessary organizational costs, but also for the purchase of overly expensive buildings, vehicles, office equipment, scrolls through the questionable financial structure. All this has led to an increase in revenue from the new officials from the health insurance through bedneyuschih doctors and nurses. Well-founded organizational costs were too high for being in a health crisis. It is very difficult to justify even the necessary purchase of an expensive company car prosperous young managers instead of buying hundreds of wheelchairs mendicant retirees. Therefore, large organizational costs of a network of foundations and companies OMC in the economic crisis were unjustified tratoy.Pri new system, which was to improve the provision of medical services have not been enshrined in legislation nor the sequence of introduction of new elements of health insurance, nor the principles of distinction powers of the federal center and regions. Therefore, the reform is almost entirely dependent on the arbitrariness of local vlastey.Federalny center almost was not engaged and not engaged in planning, coordinating and monitoring the reform efforts. The Government adopted the neoliberal economic policies, according to which the state intervened minimally in the creation of the new market economic system.