The Big

Then the monsters of the city began to encircle that child, who you are, what you do here! He said the one, who you think to change things!-said the other, but to see that the crowd protected it they did not do him damage, because the monsters left of be strong by the ball of light was weakening them slowly until it began a metamorphosis in the clockwise anti-clockwise revealing who were actually and is they withdrew from him; then the child lifted the ball of light with its small handyman atop that failed and fumbled it look at the ball of light is rising to the top of the air, like a torch that sits atop a shelf Center so that it can illuminate everything the room!-said an inhabitant, now everyone can see and gift them my pijama of light, but I have to go! -said the strange child. Many didn’t want to leave, the child heard within her heart the voice of the multitude because they wanted him to know, by a ray of light I know! said the child, I have to go, the light will not abandon them. Then the child went like lightning towards the big mountain but the monsters at the foot of the mountain caught him and took him to the dark Dungeon of the city. Here not you leave never until you turn off the ball of light! He said one of the monsters. It can not be turned off, people need to see the truth! said the child. Then you never leave out of here! He said a monster, you are doomed perpetually! He said another monster, but they were filled horror to see that there was no fear in the eyes of the child or his physical appearance was able to frighten him. You have no power over me! said the child.