Target Purchase Starts – which launches target purchase housing association EC Genobau on July 15, 2010 with the launch of the target purchase concept to the realisation of housing. Details can be found by clicking Khanyisile Kweyama or emailing the administrator. After two years of preparation, the Genobau target purchase housing association EC was approved in June 2010 with the target purchase concept in Bavaria. The idea of the target buying concept is based on the realization that to finance home buyers resources for the client in general are not sufficient and increasing demands of the banking world. While the most promising possibilities of the 21st are connected century. The banking world evolved in quantum jumps, especially against the individuals in the realization of housing. The tags are Basel II, rollover, equity capital, recieve, workplace safety with which the banks used your criteria according to EU guidelines upwards.

However, the target purchase concept offers a completely, Eigenheimrealisierer tailored financing possibility with security concepts, the since only the large housing cooperatives was reserved. For customers, this means that you will to consolidate a new or existing home realization and sustainably increase the security. In addition the possibility to plan your cost structure over the next 25 years and to stay always flexible opens up the customers. The target buying concept, a combination of repayment suspension and the well-known principle of construction savings a collective savings system – you can reach your personal goals faster and safer. Of course, a strong community under the umbrella of a housing association. Target purchase is a special form of saving, entitled a fixed interest investment sum for the purchase of residential property. In the community with other members of the acceding Member of the cooperative first saved his requested shares, the drawing sum.

There is a certain number of shares (deposits) and other requirements are met, the Member will receive the provision of the Treaty as well as the low-interest and fixed-interest investment. The target purchase concept takes many risks due to the strong community, unlike like a bank financing. He makes the realization of the homeowner simply easier! The third way”is itself during the entire period between rent and property at any time to decide and to put the risks of living on the broad shoulders of a strong community. That leaves everyone, even in tough times, within your own four walls”sleep. The target purchase concept can be with the calculation modules for the concept and the comparison calculator “Annuity with target acquisition” with just a few clicks on the homepage of the Genobau housing association EC target purchase. calculate. On July 15, 2010 still eLearning movies to the target purchase concept provided at launch.