Hilti Performance

The beyond budgeting round table came to the conclusion that “fixed targets” generate only a mediocre performance. Budgets, performance measurement systems, performance appraisals, etc. include fixed contracts”. Manager and controller of companies assume that the future (such as sales in the next year) is absolutely predictable and galvanize the team on a fixed performance. It […]

Undertaker Compare

Undertaker compare pietatlos or practical? Can you compare Bestter? Hamburg, November 23, 2010. Can you compare undertaker? What is already common in many purchasing decisions, is still taboo on the subject of burials. Doing a cost and performance comparison of be Stattern is not pietatlos, but advisable, as already noted by the Stiftung Warentest. Often, […]

GoGreen Deutsche Post CO

CO2 neutral shipping Deutsche Post Global CO 2 emissions have risen 35 years by 80 percent. An alarming value, because CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Its growing concentration in the atmosphere leads inevitably to the warming of the Earth’s climate, because a significant proportion of the Earth radiation is reflected by a layer of greenhouse […]

Mr Dantse

A Coacher need to see his client in its diversity as a whole.” He has also some examples ready. So he emphasizes: I accompanied more often very good Coacher and psychologists in difficult cases. You have presented me with the client as a wizard. My opinion was very valuable, where as I compensated their top […]

Vemma On Expansion In Europe

Vemma and verve as a recipe for success for the crisis! Grafenstein – the crisis hits many industries, but one is still on the upswing. “Health and wellness” is growing faster than all other business areas and offers everyone the chance to make greater investments in this growth in the next few years with. The […]

Hub Kalan Verpackungen Gmb

To better protect of the colors, they were executed in the intermediate location pressure. Matt varnish was applied to improve the feel as another step on the outside of the surface. The pressure was Di Mauro in Italy which can boast many years of experience for this type of the desired print versions. A well-organized […]


Accounting service Kaniber from Germering, informed an area that every entrepreneur must deal with the, is accounting. It gives clues about how to evaluate the economic situation of a company. Since the accounting to the obligatory tasks of every existence founder counts and should be done carefully, it is advisable to seek professional advice. Activision […]

Compliance – More Than Just A Buzz Word

With an effective compliance management system, risk management can be significantly reduced. The term”the goal of compliance is the securing and monitoring of compliance with legal and corporate requirements. Scandals in the United States (E.g. ENRON) and in Germany (E.g. Siemens) led to increased awareness of the compliance and were the cause of legal restrictions […]

Bhaskar RealWorld

Soft skills, such as relation Secondly, skills, affect expatriate success significantly. Agreeableness or non-judgementalism that in a recent study, considered to be of important predictor of both adjustment and performance (Shaffer et al., 2006). Further, cross-cultural communication skills and personal characteristics in dealing with host country nationals have been found key variables. Noteworthy is that […]

Online Counseling

The Bohme consultancy offers people seeking a competent and human pleasant online counseling for help. The consultancy Bohme, under the expert guidance of Mr Aribert Bohme, psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, has focused schools, family and life counselling on the subject areas. The psychological online services aimed mainly at people […]