Of course, with the advent of digital photography technical part of the photographer’s work is much easier (in the cells have automatic modes, there is no additional cost to the film, to improve the quality of pictures and even remove some errors can be shot on the computer in different editors). Learn more at: Korn Ferry. Not every Announced in the hands of even the most feature-rich camera is a professional. So how do you assess the degree of professionalism of the photographer? Following recommendations based on the analysis of works of various photographers and photographs of “will help you with this. Recommendation N 1. Any stranger offering you a standing item at bargain prices under suspicion.

Is photographic services may be an exception? The price survey includes not only the experience of the photographer, but also the cost of its professional equipment. Therefore, when offering a complete wedding day for “a bowl of soup” oblige you with a special criticality and attention to consider the work of the photographer. In Rostov, according to the agency Premier-Studio August 2010, the cost of the qualitative survey is not lower than 7000 rubles. If your wedding budget can not spend more than this amount, the There are certain ways to reach a compromise on price with many professional photographers are not losing as photographs (to be discussed in future articles). But the high cost of a wedding photo shoot does not guarantee its quality. Tree is known by its fruits, so you have to carefully consider the proposed designs.