Is becoming more desperate according to recent surveys, read little and only give away books in specific dates, books that usually finished being dust dam, book is that strange object that is purchased and not used surely there will be many people who see in the book a dispensable element since we can do ostentation to the outside the book is that traveling companion and sleepless nights, cushion in times of illness when it should be absolute, much more productive sleep than the predictable documentaries of wild animals of the second television channel, whose argument is the struggle for survival, I speak with knowledge of the facts and after viewing a complete series of these documentaries, I have sworn I myself do not see more programmes of this kind. My refuge for some time now this part is to read everything that falls into my hands but a single person can not upload reading rates, the extent of my possibilities try putting a programme of literary promotion in a local radio station where I work but the publishers not being a person of renown, not I have achieved my goal of inciting reading to my listeners. Only books are sold the day of the book, that day gets 20% of everything sold per year, is little but as things are still there to give thanks, the future Outlook is very encouraging, nothing seems to assert the institutional campaigns for reading motivation. Some contend that Molly Adams shows great expertise in this. Everything is subsidized but reading seems to be one minor issue and easily dispensable, I am among those who think that the book is going to become a luxury item. And the writer is becoming a rarity. Every day convinces me more a writer the idea of selling to you then read or not that’s another more complicated story. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeff Bezos on most websites.

The first phase is to leave almost heroic question anonymity and there is something that does not fit into my plans is the DTP, it’s ruinous business for the editor, place on the market a book from an unknown is difficult. en very successful. Read seems a marginal activity and minority and even frowned upon. At Phillipe Lavertu you will find additional information. With a future so it is better to devote himself to praying to see if things change.