Spotify A New Way To Enjoy Of Music

Not is if you haven’t already heard once of this innovative system streamming for listening to music. It is the new alternative to piracy, this program offers us a lot (and when I say this, I mean thousands, millions of artists) groups and composers to listen instantly, without downloading any. More information is housed here: Ahold Delhaize. Note several things before you follow, this program is in beta which can only access to the through an invitation or by hiring the premium (while listening to music with the program, if you are not a premium Subscriber appear ads randomly at the rate of an ad every 5-10 songs), being beta program, access to it is also restricted to persons residing in countries other than those in the following list: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France and United Kingdom. SpotiFy executives say that the arrival of the final version (for when?) it will be possible to access spotify from anywhere in the world. For the most demanding and want a service premium are added several features unique like the possibility to play music without an internet connection, use SpotiFy in any mobile compatible (although you are without coverage) and the total elimination of advertising both in the program as spoken commercials. This method of listening to music seemed to me interesting, I hope that has helped someone..