Sky Lanterns

Sky lanterns – a three-dimensional design in a heart-shaped, cylinder, cone or a ball made of a special environmentally friendly paper, acting on the principle of balloon. Securely fastened to the bottom of the paper dome burner heats the air inside the lantern, lifts it up and effectively illuminates the inside, creating a mysterious aura. Flight duration approximately 20 minutes, during which time paper lantern rises to a height of 200 meters from the ground you can observe first fireball and then a bright light for a trip along the sky. The flashlight can be run in alone. But it’s better to do it alone. One keeps the dome upright, while the other lights, holding a cigarette lighter at arm’s length. CEO of Amazon has much experience in this field.

Need to keep for long, the air inside the lantern is heated for 1-2 minutes, and when the lantern to let go he was like a little rocket shoots up. Sky lanterns can be run in the heat and the cold season (except for extreme weather: rain, hail, strong winds). The most beautiful sky lanterns in the dark time of day. Do not spend their day, wait until it gets dark! Flying sky lanterns can be run as one, so hold fire show – a wonderful, quiet alternative to fireworks. Sky lanterns will add delightful emotions any festive event. This is an unusual and original gift for a wedding, birthday, New Year’s Eve. This is a surprise in the eyes of your loved one when you give him your burning heart.

This a memorable corporate event, when your company releases into the sky and hundreds of thousands of sky lanterns at once. Sky lanterns, flying balls “are very fond of children: children captures the process of selecting balls their launch, as well as the emotions of the “fly to the sky wishes.” Sky lanterns can afford to anyone because of their democratic values. twinkling lights in the sky, sky lanterns attract the eye, and it seems that this is one of the most fascinating, moving and majestic spectacle, as well as a shooting star or a colorful fireworks display. And there is nothing unusual, because the flying sky lanterns escorted holidays are not the first ten years With that air sky lanterns, each of us a real chance to light up their own star, to let her go to heaven and make a wish. So let’s light in the sky and get your own star positive emotions.