Settimana Santa At BlumenRiviera

Easter – traditional festivals in Liguria Easter in Liguria is a very special event. You are here in vain looking for the Easter Bunny, for that you can experience the mysterious singing of the brotherhoods, ornate palm leaf thread and the famous good Friday processions, at one of the most beautiful coasts of Europe. Bordighera city of Palm trees to prepare the Easter season are decorated the churches with elaborate Palmenblattgebinden, the Parmureli. The palm leaves, produced according to an old artistic tradition in handmade, come the city of Palm trees from Bordighera,”. Even the Holy Father personally received his Parmureli from Liguria. This practice has a long history. in 1586, a brave captain from San Remo prevented the case of an Egyptian obelisk, which was erected on St. Peter’s square.

When the ropes holding the mighty statue began to tear, cried the captain despite Forrest, which are punishable with death penalty should AIGA ae corde”(water on the ropes). The case of the Obelisk was thus prevented. To the Thanks to Pope Sixtus V Bordighera granted the privilege of Palm fronds on Palm Sunday to the Pope. The blessed Parmureli be considered good-luck charm, they are raised in the House and to protect the inhabitants. Maundy Thursday procession Ceriana the Settimana Santa Easter Holy week is initiated by the chimes of the bell towers of each community on Maundy Thursday.

High up in the beautiful hinterland of San Remo is the idyllic mountain village of Ceriana. At Easter the famous Maundy Thursday and good Friday procession takes place in old robes of the brotherhoods. Who wants to let this spectacle not to be missed is a 04 around 16.30 in Piazza Marconi in Ceriana on 21. The famous fraternities sing in Latin and adjust rites, dating back to the middle ages. A more vibrant tradition is the manufacture of blowing horns from chestnut bark, this tradition is handed down from grandfather to grandson every year. 20:30 the Cena starts then del Signore”(the last supper) and delicacies from the region are served. The passion of the Christ is modeled after good Friday processions Ceriana and Savona on good Friday and the brotherhoods to carry the cross through the old town of Ceriana. The angelic Angeoletti run in white”them forward. The mood is characterized by Baroque sculptures and misery songs during Holy week. In Savona on good Friday is the most impressive procession instead the Processione del Venerdi Santo”, there is the largest wooden carved representations of the passion. Unlike as in Germany, the shops are open Easter Sunday in Italy. Only on Easter Monday, who called Pasquetta, celebrates the whole family together. A great picnic is held from noon, it grilled specialities are served, accompanied by music and dance. An insider’s tip is the Pasquetta above of Diano Castello in Pineta, a Ligurian real Dorfest with children’s games and good food. The passionate participation of the population, the choir chants and the charm of the medieval flair make Holy week in Liguria for a very special event.