Secuware Security Presents 2008

New modules for device and Applicationmanagement from immediately available Bonn/Essen – Secuware, leading manufacturer of IT security solutions for enterprises, is on the SECURITY 2008 from October 7 to 10, 2008 in Essen (Halle4 stand 325) the latest version of Secuware security framework (SSF). At the heart of the trade fair are the device and application management modules, which are available now. Data theft is a growing threat for businesses. The main risks to lose important data, consist in the loss of laptops, data theft by employees and other persons, as well as the misuse of applications through which additional pests such as viruses, worms, and Trojans on your network can settle. Jurgen Saamen, head of the high degree of staff mobility and the growing possibilities of notebooks, PDAs and other mobile devices anywhere on data and applications in the enterprise to access, the security flaws in the company’s network can grow significantly”, provides of Secuware in Germany,.

To minimize the vulnerabilities, Secuware ensures companies about Secuware security framework (SSF). SSF includes the proven data encryption solution Crypt4000 and the newly available modules for device and application management. SSF is characterized by the ease of use of any co-ordinating functions from encryption, rights management and device – and application especially. Ease of use and large functions nalitat are essential for the effectiveness of a security solution. At SSF we have implemented top notch this combination”, explains Saami.

The granting of rights for users of the corporate network is done via the key used for encryption. About SSF the administrator determines, for example, which users and user groups on which unencrypted can access files. While the overall group administrator can assign certain rights, at the same time he is able, the rights for individual group members to change arbitrarily. This can differ among other things whether the users see that certain files only exist, they read, print, or can also edit. The symmetric cipher is based on the advanced encryption standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bit, causing a minimal power consumption. SSF can encrypt physical hardware-based components such as hard drives and connectable devices, E.g. USB sticks. Network-level files are encrypted virtual. Task of the new device management module is the control of connected devices in the network. About the module you want to control which devices are connected and how they may work. An administrator can set, for example, that data on a USB stick may be saved and it downloaded. The application module is the IT Department able to detect all applications and other components in the network and to limit. As a result, users can only approved Use the applications on their computers. This increases the stability and prevents the spread of malicious programs. Secuware SSF protects more than 500,000 Windows desktops and laptops and has more than 300 corporate clients, which include the Spanish Telefonica and WalMart Mexico. About Secuware: Secuware develops security solutions for businesses that protect information on desktops, laptops, and other devices and monitor the access to local and network-wide sources. Secuware was founded in 1998 in Madrid, Spain, to develop proactive security technology for the Spanish Ministry of defence. The sales focus was until recently on Spanish-speaking countries. Meanwhile, Secuware worldwide has numerous customers in the enterprise and government organizations. More information, see. Pictures and more information: Jurgen Saamen Secuware Germany Sieme 4 D-53121 Bonn Tel. ++ 49 228 962979-0 fax ++ 49 228 962979-29 E-Mail: Annette Stadler information content provider Carl-Zeller-Strasse 3 D-85591 Vaterstetten Tel. + 49 8106 999502 fax + 49 8106 999503 E-Mail: