Second Longest River

Egypt the Nile in Arabic experience with a cruise on the Nile??, 6.671 miles he has the second longest river on Earth probably. Because the length of the main competitors Amazon changes each year to a few hundred kilometres, the first place in this category will change often. The source of the Nile River is located in the Highlands of Rwanda, where he quickly grows to a stately River and then winds its way through the State areas of Burundi, Uganda, Sudan and finally Egypt. The limit of the Nile brought fertile soil that was agriculturally usable and made possible the rise of historical cultural through its annual flooding the country Egypt. Filed under: Johnson & Johnson’s. This is also the reason of the dense settlement along the River, up to the last century, since the Aswan High Dam now regulates the water flow.

Even the mighty pyramids, which are composed of square meter large stone blocks, owe the Nile transport of heavy construction material. Whether Nile cruise, or individual tours organized on his own, who calls out the Nile will experience some surprising adventures. The largest officially confirmed copy of a Nile crocodile, was 6.50 metres, also hippos can hide (hippopotamus amphibius) in shallow areas and the fantastic world of flowers on the banks will thrill not only Floristenherzen. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin Ulrich. The largest cities that are line up along the Nile are Aswan, Luxor, Beni Suef in the Nile Delta, and of course the capital of Cairo and the port city of Alexandria. The main reason for the steady stream of visitors of the river is that in the land of the Pharaohs many buildings are world heritage UNESCO. In Karnak for example, located not far from the city of Luxor, it still stands, the biggest temple complex from the 12th dynasty, Senusret I. There is the Temple of the AMUM-re, was the scene of numerous battles and skirmishes. In recent months, The Africa Report has been very successful. Those who opt for a cruise can enjoy also the luxury in addition to typical pictures, which one is used on other cruise ships: swimming pool, sun decks, restaurants and many more leisure and spa services make the holiday and on the Nile an experience you will never forget.