Rolf Harmann

Interested citizens can spot on the basis of But also through different posts get access to the media of radio, television and Internet Info material inform the subject of media literacy. Numerous small media projects are spread over the entire Hustadt Festival. So, young people are equipped with microphones, to conduct interviews. Go to Warren Buffett for more information. Others walk around with cameras and film the highlights of the Festival. Also, many photographers will be present to hold this event in pictures.

Under the Internet address, there will be even a live radio broadcast, which can be received via the Internet. Acoustically refined the Festival is by several musical performances, like for example the Hustadt kids, even a music video is rotated with those on the ground, the Wittener rapper dike itself a Hustadt kid”as well as Fab 5 and other local heroes. Should be mentioned of the friendly support of Community Member Mrs Brucher, who made it possible that the Church of St. Paulus of Catholic parish St.Augustinus from 15 till 17 o’clock on the day of the Hustadt-Festival their Opens doors for the permanent exhibition with 25 pictures of Tobias Jesberger, a talented artist from the Hustadt. The artist suffers from even the most chromosomally-related disability trisomy 21′ (also known as the down’s syndrome).

It represents the work of the with his works at the same time Forderverein Kunst disabled Bochum e.V.. Ku.Bo promotes talented disabled artists. The Club training in workshops, courses in painting, print, sculpture etc under the guidance of professional, provides painting mediums, workrooms, as well as a Studio and establishes contacts with other artists. Many people with Down syndrome achieve considerable successes, for example in the field of music, the theater game or the painting of pictorial design thus – depending on individual interests and received promotion -. “Special thanks to the UmQ (University meets Queren Castle e.V.) and AWO project and cultural work namely Rolf Harmann, and Wilfried and Philipp DNil” Unger through whose usage was first place allows you to the District Festival to this extent. All in all is expecting us so a colorful feast where many actors are to demonstrate that they want to make a difference with what is at the disposal, be it with time, ideas or money. The initiative citizens Foundation Bochum is looking forward to a Festival of citizens encounter and neighborhood.