In turn, more and more applicants are dissatisfied with the actions of specialist recruitment. Many qualified and motivated employees to work for a long time could not find a decent job. In result in the labor market is a situation where, on the one hand, between a large number of jobs in companies of different industries, and, on the other hand, a large number of professionals and managers who want to work in these companies. But both are supposedly not match: Employers continue to vigorously seek new candidates and new companies are competitors. Someone may object that the good people and no one dismisses they are always in charge. And in finding a job are just unnecessary and inefficient employees.

Only here the statistics say otherwise. Most of the employees of the companies several times a month, think of dismissal, and the company of how to dismiss. To date, employers have two fundamentally different ways to resolve problems to ensure a suitable staff. The first option is to find a large number of new applicants for assess their compliance with the stated requirements. At the same financial and time cost of search will continue to increase, because number of suitable candidates of the labor market is limited. And each new employee will cost the company more expensive than the previous one. The second option is to search for fundamentally new solution to the problem. It should be accurate, simple, convenient and reliable tool for a more thorough and effective screening of the total mass of applicants.

One such solution – sictema assessment Etalon, developed for the selection of line staff. The system simplifies the process of finding and hiring new employees, accurately set for the company, "the content of useful skills" in the applicant and prevents "dumps." Tools and Technology Recruitment are constantly improving. The company's development depends on the flexibility and openness to new experience, skills time to use the opportunities to desperately keep up with the leaders. The main advantage of Etalon is a specific company to handle its own features, which reduces the risk of rejection as a new alien. The system will select the company for such employees who can quickly adapt and acquire the necessary experience, given the extraordinary specificity of the company.