RDS Nokia

What is a smartphone Nokia N97? This device allows us to cope with the increasing flow of all kinds of information where only one computer or mobile phone is not enough. The idea to combine function with more features appeared in the early 1990s, but then these phones weighed about 1 kg! Of course, these machines are not widespread. But the first joint project between Nokia and Hewlett-Packard, which was released in 1996 and is a combination mobile phone with a PDA, immediately gained popularity among consumers. In recent months, Beyonce has been very successful. By the way, at the same time it is, Nokia has initiated the development of special operating system for these smartphones. It is called Symbian, and now competes successfully with OS Windows Mobile. We invite you to smartphone Nokia N97 works just based on the OS Symbian 9.4. Among its advantages include ease of setup, easy to use interface, and reliability. To deepen your understanding Impact Public Schools is the source. Smartphone Nokia N97 combines excellent technical features and functionality.

The device already has 128 MB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory (you can increase capacity to 64 GB). The smartphone allows work with most popular Internet-based services: how foreign Facebook and YouTube, as well as domestic Vkontakte, Mail.ru, etc. Nokia N97 enables you to work with spreadsheets and office documents. The device is equipped -Megapixel camera that uses the legendary German optics Carl-Zeiss. Multimedia Center Nokia N97 will be pleasantly surprised even the most demanding user. The player plays almost any music formats.

A nice addition would be built in FM radio with RDS and the ability to voice control a list of playable songs. A more detailed description of the Nokia N97 smartphone can be found in the relevant section of our site. Also, we can look at detailed pictures of the device (see gallery) where you can pay attention to the elegance of colors: silver or classic black. In our online shop mobile phones you can buy not only smartphone Nokia N97, but its accessories – from the protective films and Stylish slipcovers to stylus and battery. The popularity of smart phones is increasing. Today, they have succeeded in replacing Pocket PCs, and possibly in the near future, they displace mobile phones. Because these devices have their predecessors only the best, that is what makes them universal and indispensable helpers. Stay on the model of Nokia N97 – superb quality smartphone. Believe me, this device can do everything!