In 2005 met 20 years serving me in operational tasks in a hospital of high complexity, given its size, structure, joined this severe criticality of patients treated at their facilities. I refer to the emergency Hospital in the city of Cordoba, specialized in polytraumatized. Recently a significant decline has occurred (either by medical folders or transfers to other institutions), the personal nurse, which has suffered quality of benefits. This aroused the curiosity of the author, to investigate the factors that have influenced the production of such casualties: has been account for this purpose, the working environment, working conditions, the same organization, institutional conditions and personal aspects of agents nurses. If you would like to know more then you should visit Suna Said Maslin. It aims thus to understand the factors that affect the production of industrial accident prevention and those that cause occupational diseases, with the aim of taking preventive measures which safeguard the health of nurses for peer mode, improve the quality of life for them. For example, for the purpose of knowing the stressors factors which is exposed to the emergency Hospital nurses, a self-administered questionnaire was designed and is told to do so, with the valuable collaboration of the LIC. Edgardo Figueroa, also with a vast and distinguished career within the institution. Was carried out to design it, an exhaustive bibliographical review prior on the topic and it took into account principles of methodological design to ensure a proper, timely and detailed collection of data from all the informants and that facilitate their subsequent counting, tabulation and final presentation of data to the address of the institution, to the Division of nursing and to the Area of labour Psychosociology of human resources of the municipality of Cordoba for the purposes of address collectively the problems arising out of such survey to prevent accidents at work this questionnaire is anonymous and the handling of the information contained therein will be absolutely confidential. The information that you provide will be very useful for the purpose of knowing the factors mostly influencing the development of work-related stress and consequently implement preventive policies that help to improve and guarantee the quality of life of the worker in the workplace.