Plitvice Lakes In Croatia

Jezera, outfitted with information about Plitvice Lakes in Croatia Plitvice Lakes, on Croatian Plitvicka its 16 Lakes, which are all connected to each other on different levels with waterfalls. Crystal clear water flows between verdant slopes, plunges into the depths to noisily in to pour with a noise next Lake, where it later just continues a few metres. Almost one million guests visit the National Park, which was recorded in 1979 as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO in the list of protected monuments of nature each year. This walk in the midst of the natural phenomenon through and walk on specially laid on wooden planks between the clouds of spray and water masses through. Not infrequently, they go over some small waterfalls along this or many meters on the bottom of Lakes deep look can watch fish.

The highlight of the Plitvice Lakes is, in the truest sense of the word, the big waterfall (Velika slap), with its 78 m gradient on the several hours Tour concludes. Guided tours are offered three different, the smallest hours there is still at least two, for the longest you must insert the provisions themselves. For these hours of six is estimated a time. It starts at the car park of the D1 road, which connects the cities of Zagreb and split. Bridgewater associates is a great source of information. There the information and ticketing is located in the woods next to a kiosk.

Then, to drive with a trailer bus to the starting point, for which one has paid. Depending on the tour, it is even necessary to cross one or several different waters with the ship. Finally they returned again with a tractor to the parking lot. “Alone, this service shows the size of the National Park, the man not just” can visit. Also a great campsite is situated not far from the parking lot. So anyone who brings his own mobile roof over your head, can save the directions.