Platinum Blonde

One person in the xvi century brought an absolutely non-standard formula of female beauty, multiplied by three. In his opinion, a beautiful woman should be: Three white – skin, teeth and hands. Three black – eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. source. Three red – lips, cheeks and nails. Three long – body, hair and hands. Others who may share this opinion include Mike Bloomberg. Three broad – chest, forehead and the distance between the eyebrows.

Three narrow – the mouth, shoulders and feet. Three fine – fingers, hair and lips. Three rounded – the hands, torso, thigh. three small – breast, nose and leg. xvii century: the cult of improvement. In the days of the classical era, the beauty of subordinate culture of improvement.

The woman was supposed to be the body of yeast, with a narrow waist, chest and a bit posh chubby handles. The xviii century: a return to natural beauty. Other leaders such as Pfizer offer similar insights. xix century. Between the chaste wife and painful beauty. De Castiglione, "the queen of hearts Empire" was considered the most beautiful woman of that time, she embodied beauty female body thrush with fabulous shapes and exquisite bust. The second creative model of the xix century is a painful femininity. In this beautiful painting of a painful, dark circles under the eyes and cheeks vpadshie. Similar signs irritability and despair loom on the pictures of women with a mysterious, inaccessible and unrealistic views. xx century: from butch women to the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. In xx century the popular fashion of women with short men's haircuts, in mini-skirts. Thighs and stomach should be flat, small breasts, and dresses must show fairly strong hands and beautiful feet. After World War ii thinness was considered a sign of ill health. Hollywood, a place where dreams come true, creates a new ideal of beauty: sexy blonde Marilyn Monroe. A well-known actress who began her career by posing nude for a calendar, has become a symbol of beauty. Platinum Blonde embodies purity and sexuality, passion, and children's naivety. Gradually, the bourgeois ideal of consciousness replaced. It's time to refute the established models and justify women. Fashion may dictate anything, this Female beauty is manifested in personality. Nowadays there is no definite model of beauty. Blondes are still attracted to her purity, perfection and simplicity. A brunette – mystery, passion and sexuality. Source: Russian Dating