Perfect Symbiosis

An ecologically-oriented operation can exist economically. That was our motto of the first years. The idea of the natural bathing pond was just one of many. The swimming pond was clearly the best idea and the biotope landscape design GmbH, she had half a decade before anyone else. This biotope from the outset was the most innovative system supplier.

Nowhere, the air is so pure and the water so crystal clear and clean as in the mountains. What is it for a refreshing feeling to dip your toes in the Lake and cool the face after the exertions of the ascent from the Valley. The water is so clear, because it is particularly low in nutrients. Algae have no livelihood, because the soils are very sparse in the mountains and there are almost no impurities. But the water is too cold for swimming. It’s good but, if you can get this pleasure with a swimming pool in your own environment. To know more about this subject visit suna said maslin. The respectful dealing with nature has become the Austrian company biotope, successfully traveling is more than 25 years in the pond and pool-business, on their flags stapled.

Also with the recent innovation Habitat of his belief remains true: optical a classic pool and still a full-fledged biological swimming pond – the living pool. Basically works the living pool like a Lake, because he is a swimming pool with natural water, which is just as clean as in the mountains. A special filter that removes the livelihoods of the algae provides for this reason deep cleanliness. It requires absolutely no chlorine or other toxic chemicals and offers the ultimate enjoyment of swimming in crystal clear water. So the guest pleasant temperatures and sporting soft can look forward. Instead of the otherwise necessary at swimming ponds regeneration zone, a bio filter, as well as a specially developed phosphate filter ensures the physical and biological treatment of water, that is always clear and alive in this way. The entire technology runs silently and is hidden under the deck so that you can relax, swim, or diving alone. Also the annoying and Dewinterizing is: because the water during the winter months in the basin, the technique must not be removed. The pool robot – a Special Edition for the living-pool – is one to two hours a day in operating and cleans all pools walls next to the bottom of the pool. The continuous development of the living-pool system’s program. This attention always carefully to work with nature and not against it. Intelligent use rather than exploitation of nature is the motto of living-pool. A parent mechanisation of swimming ponds rejects the company because it ad absurdum leads the idea of the natural swimming pond. The inventions of living-pool are copied to, but the original remains more unattainable. Also because the company ever developed it. Leadership in innovation makes the swimming pool group the market leader, which is also internationally well positioned through its partner network. Address Habitat landscaping Gesellschaft M.b.h.. Anton snow-white Highway 285 A-3411 Klosterneuburg-Weidling + 43 (0) 2243 304-06 press contact wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 company description the dream of a harmonious unity between pool and biotope enjoy an untroubled the company complies without chemistry, but with much flora and fauna Habitat. For satisfied customers so far around 3500 times got the most natural thing in the world in the gardens.