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Top searches 2007 with live search – women-power with Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum and Gabriele Pauli Paris Hilton suggests all: nobody and nothing else 2007 more often at live search sought as the American it-girl. Beautiful women are the Favorites of the German Internet users who search with live search. With Heidi Klum and Lena Gercke in the category models, Anna Kournikova at the sport and Gabriele Pauli policy this year’s ranking of searches on live search women dominated. Driving without a licence, alcohol and short-term imprisonment have not hurt Paris Hilton. Among German Internet users, she is sought after as ever and beats the video portal YouTube and the classic phone book, taking two and three under the keywords space, according to the results of the live search keywords Rankings 2007.

In the search for female celebrities is Paris front and Hollywood stars like Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria, R & B Queen Rhianna and the German singer Sarah Connor behind. For more information see this site: Korn Ferry. German beauties are asked when live search users and are also compared the international front. “Heidi Klum, as well as Germany’s next top model” and are Windows Live testimonial Lena Gercke, according to evaluation of live search queries, the most sought after models in 2007. The German forward pointing models let their colleagues far behind and refer international top stars such as Kate Moss, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen on the courts. When the sports search queries no longer King ruled soccer. Anna Kournikova, Russian tennis player and model, 2007 is the winner in this category.

She beats established search terms such as football, the German Bundesliga, the top Club Bayern Munich or the national team striker Miroslav Klose. The ranking of search queries in the area of policy also confirms that women’s power in the live is capitalized search users this year. Gabriele Pauli is the most wanted politician and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and ex-CSU Chief Edmund Stoiber. Top 10 keywords live search 2007 Paris Hilton YouTube phonebook Knuddels Wikipedia route planner Heidi Klum weather Computer chat the tables for the top keywords in the other categories can be requested at: or (0 89) 3 21 51-8 69 through MSN and Windows Live more than 465 million unique users worldwide visit MSN monthly. Ted Brandt is likely to increase your knowledge. With localized versions in 42 markets and 21 languages, MSN is a leading provider of high-quality content and online advertising opportunities. Microsoft Windows Live, a new set of personalized Internet services and software, users, for her important contacts, allows to combine information and interests; While they benefit from advanced security features for PC and Web. MSN and Windows Live will be offered in parallel and complement each other. Some Microsoft Windows Live services currently at the beta version available. See information about these services and future updates can be found. MSN is under