New Web Site For Ad Targeting

The new website 50 + fully informed about the generation. Whether statistics or a glimpse of the consumer behavior of the Silver Surfer, the website provides answers and provides backgrounds, why companies should focus on this target group. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Best Buy on most websites. Most people want their second half of life now vital and actively serves more than 10 million or 40.3 percent of all Germans over 50 daily surf the Internet and find out about companies, products, travel, health, wellness and much more. Companies should not miss the chance and devote themselves to this consumer-friendly and active generation. “They should offer their products virtually and with the time” go. The 50 + target group offers an immense customer potential.

The so-called best agers are not only the greatest customer potential, they also have the highest purchasing power in Germany. Who neglected this customer group, is lightly. Often advertisers argue: this generation is not on the Internet on the go! This baffled me again and again”, so Carla Brendel. Not even 50 years already for years professionally in the Internet work? Not even the retirees of today had to do before her retirement from the profession to the Internet? Why do you adopts this generation would inform home only from magazines? “Carla Brendel white: proven 90 percent of the best agers use the Internet to search for the information.” Itself of the generation 50 +, Carla Brendel works for years with agencies and clients, who have a recognized target group-oriented advertising in the Internet sense. “Professionally and expertly placed advertising for companies on an Internet portal, the is quite the topic of seniors” has committed and is also the appropriate admissions in this age group. A form of advertising that is offered there, new and largely integrated into the network brings real better sales, cultivates the image of the company and increases awareness. Banner, skyscraper, and buttons are also available.

The representation with individual and an unusual and new construction is unlimited changing product descriptions directly in the content section of the home page, on the other hand, economically and efficiently through information on which to draw attention. You led the Silver Surfer to deal with the advertising company. So new customers thanks to messages appear, the visitors as heavy-handed advertising unmasked, but curious pursued. The incentive to buy is not in the animated GIF or annoying PopUp, but intelligent and competent representation of the product, as well as the presentation of the company facing confidence. Offers and media data of the seniors Portal delivered to you gladly on request.