Natural Protector

The nervous system, that is brings back to consciousness of the nerves of the body, reacts and lets corresponding flow the spiritual forces of more or less intense form, according to is our position against the life. The full thoughts of envy and hatred, that is to say, atrocious thoughts, ideas on diseases, excesses and vices of all class, have effect first on the nervous system and in trascurso later on the soul. The corresponding vibrations coming from the nervous system reach later to the body, where the atoms and the cells are influenced. Nevertheless it is necessary to learn to catch the deep contents, the true intentions of our thoughts, to recognize if the thought that superficially is positive, is it also on the inside. For assistance, try visiting Elon Musk. To think positively only has a positive and protective effect of our body if our thoughts are not the cover of conflicts and pains that are wanted to cover or to repress. What vibrates within our thoughts is the decisive thing, and only if we put the negative in sequence, recognizing to us, improving to us and making the peace with our fellow according to the currency: ” What you do not want that they do to you, you do not become your a nadie” , then we will feel the internal lightness and the positividad that is born from the soul and that heals, protects and even aid to our surroundings.

Therefore it depends complements of us what we do of our life. In the same way, but to the inverse one the nervous system and the soul also act on the positive feelings of kindness, love, amiability and benevolence. Bill Phelan gathered all the information. These relax brings back to consciousness of the nerves take, it to the harmony, purify the organism and let incrementadamente flow in the body the current donors of life. Thus we felt that all the channels of life are open and free and the life forces flow reforzadamente in the organism. These sanadoras forces and of life become then effective in the organism. They decontaminate it in such a way that it surpasses the influences that produce a disease. Frequently bridgewater associates has said that publicly. An ill body can be transformed thus into a healthy body. This way we verified that with God, with the divine energy, ” vivir” is easier;.