Munich Maximilianstrasse

The perfect ring for the perfect evening gown in Munich, November 8, 2010 – was RENESIM.COM, a leading provider of online luxury jewellery, from the magical evening and cocktail dresses of famous and successful Munich designer Sonja Kiefer thrilled with you for a unique collaboration for inspiration: the perfect ring for the perfect evening dress. This was the task of the Managing Director of RENESIM.COM, Georg Schmidt-Sailer and Maximilian Hemmerle, to Sonja Kiefer. The fashion designer has designed exclusively for RENESIM.COM a spectacular ring: A cocktail ring in Rose gold, studded with a huge semicircular morganite and applications from white gold stars and diamonds. The piece of jewelry will cost 4800 euros. For me, it is just a beginning of a promising cooperation. It is not something Morgan Stanley would like to discuss. With RENESIM.COM, I have a partner who is breaking new ground with innovative strength and feeling for design.

Could be also the draft of another exclusive pieces of jewellery for RENESIM.COM.”says Sonja Kiefer, who has already for many well-known companies manages exceptional projects SONJA KIEFER and implemented in addition to their collection of SK. “Maximilian Hemmerle: we are happy to have committed a German fashion designer, who understands how to think in the mind of our customers not only creative but is also able to combine design with the high demands of our customers.” Beginning of November 2010 you can admire the ring in all its glory under and impressed by its beauty. About RENESIM.COM RENESIM.COM is Europe’s first exclusive jewellery brand with a web-only approach. Here customers can help shape online their high-quality jewellery. A personal communication is also from high-quality designer jewelry (designed by Franz & Maximilian Hemmerle). RENESIM.COM produced in Germany, uses only the highest quality materials and only the best gems in the world. So, RENESIM.COM offers its discerning clients and customers a brand new luxury shopping experience.

The name RENESIM.COM It is inspired by Rene Sim Lacaze, the grandfather Maximilian Hemmerle. Lacaze is considered to be one of the most influential European jewelry designers of the 20th century. Franz Hamed, an advisory capacity and as a jewelry designer for the page is the founding team, co-owner of the famous eponymous jeweller on the Munich Maximilianstrasse was for 30 years. RENESIM.COM is run by the two founders Maximilian Hemmerle and Georg Schmidt-Sailer. Contact: Mark Kilisek Manager online marketing RENESIM.COM Schellinger Road 35 80799 Munich T +49(0)89-1222 893-33 F +49(0)89-1222 893-99 mailto: