Mr Dantse

A Coacher need to see his client in its diversity as a whole.” He has also some examples ready. So he emphasizes: I accompanied more often very good Coacher and psychologists in difficult cases. You have presented me with the client as a wizard. My opinion was very valuable, where as I compensated their top work with my analysis and visualization capability. A few months ago I visited a client friend with a star Coacher, who had great difficulty with his company.

He had looked after the clients for 6 months without visible results. He asked me to accompany him on this day. We were at the company for nearly 4 hours. I heard the two only. They designed plans and concepts for a new rescue attempt.

Then the Coacher himself very satisfied. Theory he had developed an excellent smart professional competent approach. I told him Kudos”. I would like to not offend you, but I don’t think that your concept is access.” I told him that they have in fact very well worked, but the problem lies elsewhere and that’s why the solution lies elsewhere. But I still did not know where the real Problem is, but I wasn’t 100% sure that the issue had nothing to do with the company. It was not, that the support didn’t know everything proposed by my fellow coach. Much later-with the entrepreneur, I have found access to a personal interview and it was found that has problems with his wife and was only a venue of the fight the company. He himself had not recognized the link. When the issue was taken with his wife in the attack, was also short time later with the company uphill.” Mr Dantse says: regarding the areas of life not in a context in a coaching can be very counterproductive, let’s take for example the personality training: it can be very counterproductive to strengthen the personality of a person and to change without the consequences to prepare him, how does this newfound strength and self-confidence to his environment, family, partners, colleagues, supervisors etc. d-as-New-Chief-Executive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden and gain more knowledge.. and how they could respond. In the first moment, the coaching seems to have worked, but a short time later just this new self-confident personality can be for him, a fate (the colleague finds him arrogant, disrespectful, the partner dominated feels, friends feel caught off guard, etc.). The consequence for a human would be the loneliness, complete circle change, the feeling that the people who have loved him, are suddenly jealous, etc. Then you go to a new coaching partnership, a new one for solitude, etc, as you can see, if this arrangement are not taken into account, we will have more and more people, the more frustrated, depressed despite of all aid and are unhappy.” This explains, the versatile coaching by Mr Dantse; his repertoire includes various topics such as relationships, sexuality, love, femininity, prepare lectures, speeches, decisions meet up, profession, family conflicts, and much more… This is his coaching very unconventional and according to the individual needs of the user set, he coaches E.g. by phone, by E-mail, by letter or in personal conversation while walking, sports, shopping, vacation or between two dates at the airport. For his coaching, he is willing to travel all over the world. His help ranging from unique short coaching months accompaniment, he offers workshops and training for a wide variety of groups. He introduces all its offers and more interesting background information on its work and approach on its homepage.