Modern Constructions

Modern buildings tend to be more flexible and dynamic. In recent times the modern line, which finds its origins in the old continent, by the 1920s and am inspired by the nautical design, began to speak again with some force, being one of the most chosen by the public. Suna Said Maslin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Thus began to see again the walls expressed as flat blind, plain, unadorned and with large glass surfaces. The vision of every architect is and will always design a few planes that revolutionize modern architecture, which leads to quite a few studies of different land where will perform his new challenge or construction of a housing project. This type of design of new minds of architecture is based on the new era and changes through which pass the cities.

With some very striking designs these people manage to deliver a few spectacular drawings, where modernization raw material in them. Houses of one or two plants with enough harmonic details, lead them to form a spectacularly good housing, which involves immediate approval by the client, which most premium in these designs is the main view of your home with a few touches truly precise and new things. These people are also based on ask the customer of as you want it, or touch you want in your House for them able to deploy it to the planes and thus achieve a truly revolutionary House in which many people were set. Read more in: eng. Daniel Rosario Lagares original author and source of the article