Mobility Scooters

Therefore it is mobile and independent in old age, how wonderful, that the technology so quickly can remedy this, through the invention of the electric cars. Now, everyday things like shopping or visits to the doctor without outside help are again possible. Even walks in the nearby park or forest walks are again using an electric mobile reality. The company mobile sales & service Heiko Neumann – with seat in Stralendorf in Schwerin and Gutersloh works nationwide and offers a choice of two -, three -, or four wheel models depending on the customer’s needs. The electric cars are equipped with rechargeable batteries, are durable and virtually indestructible.

Depending on the model, they are completely suspended and with high seating comfort as well as very easy to use. An appropriately sized tyres offers an ideal location of road at speeds up to 20 km/h and a range even in difficult terrain up to 50 km. Folding mobile, which can be carried in the car, offer a convenient solution for disabled seniors. The assortment of the company includes stair lifts and bath lifts relief for seniors who immediately remedy for some fears and limitations that may occur in the age. Now, the benefits of technical evolution can be used very beneficial for all seniors who have to worry about, no longer to leave your home. Repairs are almost never incurred and if competent advisors are always available. Inspections are recommended annually.